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the curtain finally opened on illustrator Takashi Takeuchi’s recently announced one-man exhibit titled “Picture Exhibit: The Garden of Sinners” on March 20 at 12:00 p.m. (JST). It is the first solo exhibit for Takeuchi, who is a representative member of Type-Moon and has brought to the world the Tsukihime and Fate series, and many fans poured in before the event with eyes afire. We had the chance to cover the exhibit before it opened to the public to bring you this exclusive look.

The venue of the exhibit is the Pixiv Zingaro gallery in Nakano, Tokyo. Within the white-themed space are 19 masterpieces by Takeuchi lined up that trace his 15-year history withThe Garden of Sinners. Each of the reproduced pieces of art displayed in the exhibit were created using primography, the highest quality printing technique in Japan. The moment you set your gaze on a piece, you notice the beauty of the coloring within the art. There is no doubt that this will be talked about by those who attend.

Even within these pieces that viewers won’t help but be attracted to, one that is sure to stand out is “The Permanence of Spring,” the largest of the 19 pieces on display. Including the frame, it is close to 1,500 millimeters (almost 6 feet) in width. The only response that viewers will be able to make while standing in front of this monumental piece is one of awe. This piece will completely immerse all who view it in the world of The Garden of Sinners.

After about a week, the sakura trees will begin blooming in real life, meaning the world in this piece will likely bleed into the real world.

“Picture Exhibit: The Garden of Sinners” is an event at which attendees will be able to appreciate the charms of The Garden of Sinners. However, it isn’t just the content of the exhibit that fans will be excited about. All of the artwork on display will also be available for purchase. There will be limited quantities of reproduction art prints hand-signed by Takeuchi available at the venue, which makes this event even more irresistible for fans.

This is hand-signed by Takeuchi. This one is on display, but the actual prints that are available for purchase will each include a handwritten serial number.

For those reading this who are thinking “I want one of these masterpieces for my room!” make sure to check out the special “Picture Exhibit: The Garden of Sinners” page on theTokyo Otaku Mode Premium Shop . We are selling eight of the signed prints from the exhibit . Matching up with the exhibit, these will only be available from March 20 to April 1. This is your one and only chance to own one of these masterpiece works hand-signed by Takashi Takeuchi, so don’t miss it!
Event information
Name: Picture Exhibit: The Garden of Sinners
Dates and Times: March 20 - April 1
12:00-19:00 (closed on Wednesdays; closes at 18:00 on the first day only)
Venue: Pixiv Zingaro (free entrance)
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