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Tras esta adaptación al terreno de la lucha de la famosa saga de Atlus estaba ni más ni menos que el estudio Arc System Works, creador de las sagas ‘Guilty Gear’ y ‘BlazBlue’. No hay que ser un lince para saber que nos encontramos ante todo un pelotazo que tiene más que aseguradas sus ventas en el país nipón, donde es especialmente conocida la saga ‘Shin Megami Tensei: Persona’.

‘Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena’, YA ESTA A LA VENTA !! A PARTIR DE JULIO del 2012 en PS3 y Xbox 360, aquí tenemos  el tráiler para que lo vean. Si os gustan las sagas de lucha antes citadas de Arc System Works, os gustará, seguro, este nuevo título. No en vano nos recordará mucho a ellos, conservando el preciosismo gráfico, el dinamismo de los combates con sus especiales tan llamativos (no faltarán tampoco los aerial combos), y la variedad de personajes. Aunque en este último punto no habrá exceso en número.

El primer tráiler se publicó hace algo más de una semana y se nos pasó ponerlo, mientras que el segundo es una ampliación del primero, por lo tanto, si preferís ver directamente el segundo lo entenderemos. Aunque con la buena pinta que tiene este ‘Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena’ yo os recomendaría verlo varias veces… 

More Info

The game's story takes place two months after the ending of Persona 4 and revolves around "Teddie", who starts advertising a fighting program called P-1 Grand Prix and announces that the members of the Investigation Team will take part in the tournament. They, however, don't know anything about the show and try to find out the truth about the tournament. Another part of the game will also explain how Aigis arrives in Inaba. It has been revealed that Mitsuru is in Inaba in order to recover an object that has been stolen from her and that it was Mitsuru who sent Akihiko an invitation to enter the P-1 Grandprix.
"Teddie" will serve as the tournament's host. Rise and Fuuka will not be playable characters. Instead, they will provide commentary as the MCs of the tournament. Igor and Margaret both comment on the player's actions at the character selection screen. It was hinted that new characters might be added in the future as DLC. Viewing the official site's source code reveals a place holder for a character named "Syuyaku", a variant for the word "Shuyaku" meaning "Protagonist" or "Leading Role".
Both Nanako and Ryotaro Dojima will appear as non-playable characters.
In addition, characters have the option to wear glasses for their character, even characters that never wore glasses: Teddie wears a bandit's mask, Aigis wears a visor, Mitsuru wears sunglasses, Akihiko wears ski goggles and Elizabeth wears reading glasses
Game Play 
Additionally, each character has their own Reversal Action (also known as the Furious Action). As the name implies, they are defensive commands that allow the character to overturn the tide of battle like having an anti-air move with invincibility frames or a reversal/counter attack. However this uses some of that player's life to use which turns into blue life which can be healed over time as long as they don't get hit. Persona 4 Arena also has it's own variation of an All-Out Attack dubbed an All-Out Rush, a mini version involving only one character instead of two characters or a whole party. This is activated by inputting a universally unique overhead attack with autoguard/guard point properities and an additional input if the initial overhead connects. The All-Out Rush allows for the player to knock foes away or launch them into the air, though they have a chance to be countered. Also imported from the Persona series in general are Status Ailments; they all last a certain amount of time, though their effects are instantly negated if the character lands a hit on the one who inflicted the ailment on them in the first place.
Persona 4 Arena follows the style of modern anime fighters as there is a focus on fast, combo-centric combat with many movement options. The controls of combat consists of four buttons: A (Light Attack), B (Strong Attack), C (Persona Attack) and D (Persona Rush). There is an option to combo with simple commands from a neutral position Light Attack, making it easy for players not familiar with fighting games to chain attacks. From this function are certain normal attacks that can only be done from there.
One of the more unique features of Persona 4 Arena is the Persona system, where Personas are summoned during certain moves, and vary for each character. These Persona moves can be spammed with no penalty (though users must wait for the Persona to vanish before executing another Persona Move for certain attacks), but however Personas can be hit by attacks which will instantly make them vanish. If the Persona suffers enough damage, a Persona Break will occur barring the usage of the target's Persona for a set amount of time, thus Persona moves are just as notable as non-Persona attacks in where they must be used with caution and care
The SP Gauge at the bottom of the screen. Players can choose to expend a portion of SP to execute various, advantageous moves if they input the correct command and they have enough SP to pull it off. Such commands involve Skill Boosts (enchanced versions of special moves; an example of EX Moves) SP Skill Attacks (Supers; cancelling into them from a special costs a small amount of health), Guard Cancels (actions done from a guarding position), and 1 More! Cancels (ends current animation, returns it to a neutral state; an example of an "Anywhere Cancel"). Characters can perform difficult-to-land Mortal Blows which instantly defeats the opponents and ends the match. They can only be performed on match point and takes up 100 SP (which are universally activated by pressing down three times and using both Persona buttons). When a character's life is 35% or less, they enter an Awakening State signified by a red SP Gauge and a cut-in in the background. In this state, the SP Gauge is extended to 150 and gains an extra 50 immediately, the character suffers less damage, and enables a new Super or two exclusive to that state.
Below the Life Gauge is a Burst Gauge. When full, the player can Burst which blows back the opponent if they are in close proximity. When it is used when your opponent is hit and you are in neutral position, your SP Gauge maxes out and your Burst Gauge takes less time to refill. If it is used when the player is attacking, it causes a 1 More! Burst, a launcher that upscales damage following it. If it is used while the player is in hit stun, bursting has no benefits other than peeling the enemy off the player. All Bursts count as Persona moves, thus if the player cannot use their Persona, via Persona Break or Silence, they cannot burst.
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